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Organic By Nature FAQ

Learn more about our operation. Here are some of our most common client inquiries. Have a question not listed here? Contact us for a swift response.


What do we do? 
We process dry mix ingredients: powder fill, encapsulation, and tablet press. Our services include turnkey powder fill bottles, single serving packets, bulk powder supply, capsules, and tablets. 

What don't we do?
We don't do liquids, gummies, food bars, tea bags, soft gels or creams.

What is the required minimum for production?

For finished products, we require 1500 bottle minimums. However, as we understand the uncertainty of launching a brand-new formula to the market, we can discuss reduced minimums for the first few production runs.

For Custom Bulk Blends, our smallest batch size is 250 lbs.

For bulk encapsulation and tablet pressing, our minimum is 250 lbs. to 250,000 pcs, and will be confirmedbased on the flow rate, density and size of the tablet/capsules.

What is the lead time for your materials and services?

Individual raw materials: 5-10 business days*
OBN/Custom bulk blends: 5 weeks*
Custom bulk capsules and tablets: 6 weeks*
Turnkey/bottled products: 10 weeks*

*May vary based on the availability of the components, certification time (if required) and label design.

Questions? Contact 562-901-0177 or 

How much can you produce per day?

Daily Blending Capacity: 25,000 lbs.
Daily Bottling Line Capacity: 20,000 bottles
Daily Pouch Line Capacity: 5000 pouches
Daily Single-Serving Packets Capacity: 50,000 packets
Daily Tablet Line Capacity:1 million tablets

Who have we helped?

We have developed thousands of products for hundreds of companies over the past 25 years. We don’t like
to name names, but we have served:
  • Hospitals / Doctors / Research facilities
  • Online brands / Direct mail brands
  • Retail brands
  • Network marketing brands
  • Celebrities
  • Family-owned stores

Can you design and print labels?

We do not design or print labels in house, but can refer a few printers that we have used throughout the years that are familiar with our packaging and label machines that will yield flawless labels for your products.

Can you help with label regulations?

While we have a strong knowledge for rules and regulations governing labels on the dietary supplement market, we are not label attorneys. When designing yours, we strongly recommend you obtain expert legal advice from those specializing in the governance of labels.

Can you ship out of the country?

Yes, we have many clients from all around the world. 

Where are our customers?

We have sold products distributed in more than 30 countries including:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Mexico

Can you drop-ship and/or store our inventory for us?

Unfortunately, we cannot. However, we can recommend a few fulfilment service companies that our clients have used successfully.

Questions? Contact 562-901-0177 or 


Where do you source your ingredients?

We are a USA-based manufacturer and so we prefer to source our ingredients from our home country. There are some exceptions; to produce the thousands of different formulations that we do (whose ingredients range widely), we have found that there are some ingredients that necessitate being sourced outside of the USA from the specific countries from where they are available. These countries include those in the EU, South America, Asia and Africa. Please be assured that regardless of source location we put ALL our ingredients through a very stringent list of qualification tests that ensure the safety and accuracy of each and every one. We use the strictest protocols to produce the highest quality output.

Can you help with formulation?

Yes, we have developed many formulas for our clients and continue to add to our archive. We can work with your existing formula, improve upon it or create a brand-new formulation. We will take the guesswork out of improving or creating your nutraceutical products. Our friendly and experienced R&D and Technical Sales team can develop products specific to your needs, market and budget.
**R&D Fees apply.


How many ingredients do you carry?

We offer over 300+ organic ingredients. 

Are we able to customize your specialty blends?

All of our specialty blends are 100% customizable, in fact, most of our customers use these blends as a starting point, and make them their own from there. We offer over 300 organic ingredients, so customization is our specialty! The best part about choosing Organic By Nature as your contract manufacturer, is that you can start with nothing but a simple idea, and end up with a fully marketable, turnkey finished product in only a few months. 

What types of customers are you prepared to help?

Our clients range from small, family-owned stores, to largescale corporations, so we have experience helping all types of clientele. Come to us with your idea, and we’ll be happy to see how we can make it into a reality for you.